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RANVAC Technologies has state-of-the-art manufacturing vacuum chambers & components, assembly, UHV cleaning and packing facilities including ISO 10,000 clean room and UHV ultrasonic cleaning & vacuum drying facilities. 

  • Pirani & Penning Gauge Calibration (Traceability to NPL, Delhi or NIST, USA)

  • Helium Leak Detection up to 10^-12 mbar l/s

  • Mass Flow Controller (MFC) calibration

  • Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) with minimum detectable 10^-11 mbar

  • Oxygen sensor, Moisture sensor calibration

  • Pressure test up to 30 bar


Services Catalogue

  • First tier custom contract manufacturing for all machining, assembly and test requirements

  • Strategic long term partnerships utilising our manufacturing expertise allowing our customers to focus on their key core competences

  • One-stop manufacturing, cleaning, assembly, and packaging solutions

  • Prototyping, part manufacture, subassembly manufacture, full instrument manufacture, inspection and test

  • Continuous improvement programs via customer collaboration to develop products that are efficiently manufactured while reducing lead time and cost

  • Flexible manufacturing systems to accommodate fluctuations in delivery requirements, ramp-ups, demand decreases and product mix variations

  • Procurement through customers' preferred supplier base and approved partners

  • Product life cycle support from development prototypes to full production and spares sales support

  • Electromechanical build and test

  • Intellectual property protection with confidentiality agreements

  • Engineers specializing in UHV manufacturing

  • Production control and traceability

  • Segregated manufacture and assembly

  • Drawing models accepted in all standard file formats streamlining the programming of machining and turning centers


Services Catalogue

  • Precision mechanical fabrication facility

  • 1,000 sq ft Class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean room facility

  • 13,000 sq ft Clean assembly areas, including Class 1000 Laminar Flow Benches

  • Segregated manufacture and assembly

  • Fully equipped machine shop with latest CNC capabilities

  • 4 axis milling up to 850mm x 650mm x 650mm

  • CNC turning up to 500mm x 1000mm

  • Laser cutting up to 1500mm x 6000mm x 10mm (Stainless Steel)

  • TIG welding

  • Helium mass spectrometer leak detection <10^-10 mbar l/s

  • Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) facility up to 10^-11 mbar

  • CMM Inspection (2500mm radius)

  • Ultrasonic cleaning process to UHV standards (bath size 1200mm x 1200mm x 1500mm)

  • Mechanical Polishing, Electropolishing & finishing

  • Production control and traceability

  • UHV-qualified engineering process

  • 2D & 3D design & verification capability


Services Catalogue

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